Lotion Issue 2 – Étant Donné Fall 2015

Lotion Issue 2 Cover


Issue 2 – Étant Donné Fall 2015 (46 pages)
For the 2nd issue of Lotion, Butler took her work in deconstructing icons of the female figure in the modern art cannon, in this issue using Duchamp’s Étant Donné, around which to weave together a contemplation on the female in art as sexualized object scrutinized by and for the masculine gaze. The perspective is personal and feminist as it delves into various aspects of this very complicated piece. Butler uses not just the figure but other symbolic imagery (gaslight, waterfall, etc.) within this work to explore what she sees as her relationship to this piece and it’s seminal importance in post modern art.

Lotion Issue 2 pp 9-10
Lotion #2 pp 25-26

Lotion Issue 1 – Pageants Spring 2015

Lotion #1 cover


Issue 1 – Pageants Spring 2015 (46 pages)
Uses photographs Butler made on visits to two different Miss America and a Miss New York State pageant. Interwoven with these images are images which give a since of the world and in particular of America glossed with an artificial reality behind which we are all rather lost, conned, and confused.

Lotion #1 pp 29-30
Lotion #1 pp 45-46

You Already Know

You Already Know Cover


A limited edition book by Pam Butler.
76 pages (with a total of 28 copies printed) printed by hand on a photocopier and a risograph at the print shop at “Learn To Read” a printed Matter exhibition at NYU’s 80WSE Gallery in Feb 2015.

The book was developed around images containing a feeling of dystopia or the end of the world inspired by a found image of signage at a drive through establishment.  The sign proclaimed “Global Warming is Baloney.  Drive thru open 24 hours.” From this phrase Butler weaves together a group of images that include depiction of parched earth, a lynching, baloney sandwiches, drainage pipes, drug adds, beauty queens and oil rigs. The feeling is a world, corrupt, degraded, and near its end. Yet “You Already Know”  retains a sense of humor as if to say “We’re all so f**ked so why not”.

You Already Know pp 32-33
You Already Know pp 40-41