lotion issue 7 – the PamTam issue

Lotion #7 cover


Lotion Issue 7 – the PamTam issue (52 pages)
Starting with s group of collaborative drawings that Pam Butler and Tamara Gonzales did sometime around 2012 issue 7 adds photographs Butler took at or near the house Gonzales had at the time in Walton NY. As much as a residence Gonzales’ home was an installation of Gonzales’ art collection, doll, taxidermied animals and knick knack collections all reconfigured into a Gonzales art installation which Butler often photographed on her visits there. Added to these are photographs from the local county fair, a few additional drawings by Butler and photographs by Gonzales. All laid out into an issue that is both whimsical and angry, effusive and defaced, sweet and pornographic, exposed and defiantly vulnerable.

Lotion #7, spread 1

Lotion #7, spread 2