lotion issue 8 – Be A Happy Person

Lotion Issue 8 - Be A Happy Person


Lotion Issue 8 – Be A Happy Person (52 pages)
For issue #8 of Lotion Pam Butler asked her friend Lisa Levy to collaborate. Both Butler and Levy had seen the over lap in their work since Lisa first introduced herself to Butler at an event at Studio10.

In mixing and collaging works from Levy’s word painting series “The Thoughts In My Head” with their cutting irony and self debasing phrases with her own work Butler achieved an issue that screams of low self esteem mixed with cutting social commentary and an edge that almost borders on cruel. A Levy line reads “If I’ve never offended you, we’re not that close.” and a note pulled from an old sketch book of Butler’s reads “I’ll do whatever you want me to do just so you’ll like me”. Words, found, written & painted mingle with peeing dogs, smiley faces, ducks, bunny rabbits and an image taken from the shower scene in Psycho and found posted on the street one halloween.

Lotion Issue 8 - spread 5

Lotion Issue 8 - spread 4