You Already Know

You Already Know Cover


A limited edition book by Pam Butler.
76 pages (with a total of 28 copies printed) printed by hand on a photocopier and a risograph at the print shop at “Learn To Read” a printed Matter exhibition at NYU’s 80WSE Gallery in Feb 2015.

The book was developed around images containing a feeling of dystopia or the end of the world inspired by a found image of signage at a drive through establishment.  The sign proclaimed “Global Warming is Baloney.  Drive thru open 24 hours.” From this phrase Butler weaves together a group of images that include depiction of parched earth, a lynching, baloney sandwiches, drainage pipes, drug adds, beauty queens and oil rigs. The feeling is a world, corrupt, degraded, and near its end. Yet “You Already Know”  retains a sense of humor as if to say “We’re all so f**ked so why not”.

You Already Know pp 32-33
You Already Know pp 40-41